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Hi, I'm Anthony K.C. Chong.

My Story

My Story

Born and raised in the UK we had plenty of great school sports: swimming, cross  country, relays, cricket, football and rugby. 

Being very active and  an outdoors kind of boy from an early age  lead my passion for sports and exercise. 

I remember when i was young


After suffering from a two torn ankles, broken wrist, dislocated shoulder and hip joint, inflammed knees, constant back pain and sciatica, plus a whole list of aliments and overuse syndromes. I finally started a journey in 2003 to understand my body and try to heal it.

I started reading books, researching online for solutions and treatments, this all seemed to get me nowhere. I tried many western and chinese treatments to try to overcome my injuries, but what it came down to was that i did not understand the human body at all. 

The summer of 2003 i decided to enroll in a professional anatomy and physiology course, which then lead me onto the basic massage therapy.


My Life



In 2004 I joined Frederique Academy as a student in ITEC and CIBTAC syllabus. 

I became an internationally  qualified therapist in 2006 i use techniques which help to speed up the bodies natural healing, release and realign trapped and adhered tendons and connective tissues which will impede the circulation, muscular, skeletal, nervous and lymphatic systems.


Through out the years to come i have slowly aquired more and more certified and none certified skill sets to help me improve my work. I find not all movements in a system are effective and having first hand injury experice it has allowed me to create my techniques for rehabilitation. 



I have worked on a wide range of clients from sporting teams including the Australian Rugby team Wallabies and The New Zealand All Blacks during the Bledisloe Cup in 2010, Amateur Hong Kong Football team members, Hong Kong Junior Cricket team members, martial arts teams, amateur free fight competitions, competitive marathon runners, triathletes, cyclists, to the normal office workers, gym fanatics, or regular people with general aches and pains.

My Work

Conditions I have treated with succession range from TMJ; Shin Spints; Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder); Mallet, Trigger finger and toes; Lateral (tennis elbow) and Medial (golfers elbow) Epicondyitis; postural (Kyphosis, Lordosis, Scoliosis); plantar fasciitis; achilles tendonitis; Carpal, Cubital and Radial Tunnel Syndrome; Sciatica; early stage Arthritis; Whiplash and Wry neck; chronic headaches and migranes; localized tendonitis; trapped nerves; post surgical recovery; to general strains and sprains

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