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Treatment Details

Types of treatment include posture analysis, postural realignment, ergonomic environmental setup, injury assessment and recovery, sports massage, deep and superficial tissue therapy, neuromuscular technique, trigger point, lymphatic drainage, stretch and flexibility techniques, specialized aftercare.


Treatment Details
   - Assessment of the Injured area: range of motion, muscle tests, postural examination.
   - Constructing a treatment plan, including exercise regime.
   - Treatment: Using relevant therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques to sooth, loosen,         release or strengthen the injured, restrictive or weakened body part(s).
   - Follow up home aftercare, specialized home care advice.


We specialize in treating aliments from acute to chronic conditions, ranging from a fresh twist or a sprain to prolonged pain or tension. 
Our services also include
Personalized Treatment sessions.
In depth postural Analysis, and injury assessment.
Specialized aftercare advice to suit your body's needs.
Also including Personal Trainer referral, with specific training targets to recover from injuries or improve your overall fitness and physique.


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