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AL STEDMAN | 9655 4640




* Over 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer

* Track record of designing individual exercise programs based on medial background and physical needs

* Proven ability to plan routines and observe members for changes and required plan modifications

* Adept at demonstrating use of relevant training aids

* Collaborate with sales staff to promote training sessions and build new business.

* Evaluate new clients by diagnoses physical condition and health status.

* Perform body fat analysis, fitness level diagnosis and nutritional consulting




20 years as a Personal Trainer in Hong Kong, clienteles ranging from bankers, celebrities, triathletes and

government officials.


I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I discovered weight training when I was 14 and have

stuck with it ever since. I pride myself with having a thorough knowledge base from mobility and

strength, to fat loss programs, and nutrition. My dedication yet no-nonsense style will motivate you to

work hard and get the ideal results.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Certified Personal Trainer Seasons Fitness

January 1995 – July 2015


* To help each individual reach his or her fitness goals including weight loss, injury prevention/rehabilitation, Improve sports performance through increased power, speed, endurance and agility.

* To help clients set realistic, specific and quantifiable goals. I

* Evaluate body mechanics to make sure of proper posture and exercise efficiency.

* I am able to scale or deconstruct every exercise to fit each individual’s fitness level.


National Academy of Sports Medicine (2000 – 2002) Certificate, Health and Physical Education/Fitness

International Sports Sciences Association (1997 – 1998) Certificate, Physical Fitness Technician


Other trainings:-

BlackRoll Muscle Release Trainer (2015) Octane Fitness, Cross Circuit Strength Infused Cardio Certificate (2015)

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